Beige Slacks 

03 Beige Slacks.mp3

beige slacks
beige slacks
what ever happened to my beige slacks
beige slacks
beige slacks
dance the night away

well i was just a boy when my mother gave to me
the pants that would live forever in my memory
rock on, rock on, slacks will never die
wear those beige slacks and disco to the sky

now i'm not tryin' to tell you that slacks will bring world peace
but if they all wore slacks in congress the chances would increase
cry out, cry out to all the seven seas
beige slacks are sure to bring true prosperity

in my polyester zipper fly, beige from head to tow
i'm the kind of guy that your aunt would love to know
so true, so true, hear me when i say
we know slacks are built to last and that they're here to stay

Written by Jonathan and Bruce Rundman

(c) 1998 Salt Lady Music (ASCAP)