My Brother Eats Bugs 

02 (My Brother Eats) Bugs.mp3

there's no holes in my sweater that moths might have made
we never need flypaper, we never need Raid
you come into our kitchen and you won't see a fly
there's no worms in our garden, and i'll tell you why:
my brother eats bugs:

grasshoppers, crickets and slugs
butterfly wings and other gross things
my brother eats bugs

when we go fishin', it's one thing i hate
we never catch nothin', cause he eats the bait
when we go on a picnic,you know what he'll do
if there's any ants, he'll eat all of them, too
my brother eats bugs

well sometimes i think that my brother's part frog
he even eats fleas that he picks off the dog
but sometimes i think that he's on the right track
mosquitos bite people, well, he bites them back
my brother eats bugs

he munches on hornets but he never gets stung
and he never eats wolly bears cause they tickle his tongue
we went looking for fireflies last night in the park
he ate all of them too, now he glows in the dark
my brother eats bugs

Written by Hans Mayer and Frank Goser

(c) 1985 Myther Music (ASCAP)